6 m²

The length and width may vary, but the area is always approx. 6 m²
Unit rent
725 kr./mo.
After 2 mo. 1.449 kr./mo. Excl. InsuranceInfo
Remember: Always a free right of withdrawal until the day of moving in.

Unit details

6 m² heated unit 725 kr./mo. After 2 mo. 1.449 kr./mo.
Excl. Insurance


Space for 60 - 70 moving boxes
Space for 50 - 55 m² contents


  • Safe and secure units
  • Personal service at the location
  • Access to your unit 5.30 - 24.00 every day
  • Temperature control

About Pelican Bromma

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We are experts in storaging and we know how much space you need

Are you moving?

If you are moving and need to store your belongings for a period of time, we recommend that you need approx. 10% of your dwelling square meters for a storage unit.

Do you know how many moving boxes you need?

We recommend:

100 m² contents
10 m² unit

How much space requires moving boxes:

8-12 standard boxes
1 m²
15-18 standard boxes
1,5 m²

Do you already know what you need to store?

With our size calculator you can get an accurate estimate of the size of your storage unit.

Try our size calculator

Remember, you can always change unit size for free!