Benefits at Pelican

A Top-Class Storage

A storage must be clean and welcoming. Therefore, we only offer storages of the highest quality. We make a virtue of continuously checking our facilities, so they maintain their high standard.

Temperature Control

Humidity is one of the biggest culprits for mold or fungus in stored items if the items a not stored in a dry and warm place, for which reason Pelican has heating in the vast majority of storage rooms, so your stored items stay in the same constitution.

High Security Level

We do our utmost to keep your items safe and secure. Therefore, all our centers have surveillance cameras, and only with a personal code or password can you access the facility. And of course, you are the only one who has access to your storage.

Personal Service

Do you have any questions regarding storage size or how self-storage works? We are here to help you find the right solution for the right price.

Free Trailer

Free Trailer If you have towing on your car, then we have a trailer ready for you. All you have to do is to contact one of our locations or book the trailer online by clicking here.

Professionel Removal Service

Our removal company partners are true professionals, ready to move you across the capital or beyond with consideration and ease. The price, however, is only for customers who has a storage at Pelican.

Benefits for Businesses

Free Goods Reception

If you order good directly to your Pelican storage we will gladly receive them for you.

Short Notice Period

As a business customer, you are not tied to long lease agreements. No matter how big your rented storage is, you can terminate the agreement with 1 months’ notice.

Waste handling

Do you need to get rid of cardboard or packaging material? At some of our locations you can access large waste containers, so you do not have to take to the recycling station. Find out more about the service by calling us.

Loading Area

Space is important when off- and unloading goods. At all our locations we spacy loading areas, so that you fast easily can handle your goods.

Free Pallet Trucks and hand Trolleys

Are you going to move heavy items in or out of your storage? You can lend a pallet truck or a hand trolley in our shop.