Rent storage in Stockholm at Pelican Self Storage

At Pelican Self Storage, you will find Stockholm's best storage solutions for both individuals and companies. Our central locations cover the whole of Greater Stockholm, and we guarantee you high security, personal service 6-7 days a week and first-class service.


Segersbyvägen 18, 145 63 Norsborg
Phone: +46 8 400 50 520
[email protected]


Ulvsundavägen 162, 168 67 Bromma
Phone: +46 8 22 31 30
[email protected]


Girovägen 7, 175 62 Järfälla
Phone: 08 – 400 505 25
[email protected]


Fridhemsplan 27, 112 40 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8 33 72 00
[email protected]


Rissneleden 118, 174 57 Sundbyberg
Phone: 08-400 505 15
[email protected]


Sollentunavägen 4, 191 37 Sollentuna
Phone: +46 8 400 50 590
[email protected]


Södra Kungsvägen 71, 181 32 Lidingö
Phone: +46 8 731 68 60
[email protected]

Lidingö Stockby

Ekholmsnäsvägen 44, 181 41 Lidingö
Phone: 08-400 505 80
[email protected]


Stockholmsvägen 104, 187 30 Täby
Phone: +46 8 622 50 00
[email protected]

Upplands Väsby

Johanneslundsvägen 13, 191 49 Upplands Väsby
Phone: 08-400 505 10
[email protected]

We have both small and large storage spaces at top prices in the highest quality on the market. Whether you are looking for flexible storage of your belongings or a secure warehouse for your company, we have the space and tailor-made solutions just for you and your budget. Read more about your options and find a location close to you here.

At Pelican Self Storage you can rent the storage space you need - dry, safe and at room temperature! We offer storage space from 1m2 and up. In our smaller storage you can easily stack moving boxes, make room for what is left over from the living room or kitchen, a bed or other furniture you need to stow away for a while, maybe weekly, monthly, yearly - or even longer.

With a large garage, our biggest XL warehouse or a workspace, you get a wide range of interior design options - and also plenty of space! Read more about storage for companies and get ideas on how you can rent office buildings or create a remote warehouse for products. We give you the highest security on the market and with 7 facilities from Botkyrka in the south to Sollentuna on the north side, you will find us throughout Stockholm and surrounding areas.

Here are our facilities in Greater Stockholm - all nearby major roads, which makes it extra easy to transport furnishings, deck boats or caravans directly to the door of your chosen facility:

In addition to central locations, there are also many other benefits to renting a storage at Pelican Self Storage:

  • High security 24 hours a day
  • Personal service 6-7 days a week (in Bromma we are open every day)
  • Free rental of trailer for transport
  • Free access to your storage space between 05:30 - 24:00 every weekday

Smart and safe storage solutions

When you have things lying in the basement, outdoor storage, garage or attic, they can still give you a headache. Does it get too cold over the winter? Will the clothes start to smell of lying in the basement? Will it get wet if it starts to rain? This type of question disappears when you rent a clean and well-lit storage room indoor with the right temperature - The result? - Less headaches and more gains!

As a Stockholmer, you are probably used to inflexible, small and cramped storage or storage spaces in the basement or attic. Narrow corridors, water pipes and low ceilings do not help either. Many people therefore often assume that storing their belongings requires many square meters - However, this is a bit of a visual illusion. Because with a square or rectangular storage space at Pelican Self Storage, you get space for much more than on a few square meters. Our rooms are built for storage with high ceilings, so you can easily stack drawers and set a sofa or bed upright.

In other words, at Pelican Self Storage you get a fresh start. You get control of your things and rent storage space in simple, controlled and professional conditions. We help you get started with a free rental of a trailer, so you can quickly move on with your renovation, your trip abroad or your business. If you need moving boxes in cardboard, plastic bags or something else to pack in to make it easier, we have lots of inexpensive moving material for sale.

Your things will be protected from both frost and heat, and you can leave everything theft-proof and safe with us - We have both surveillance cameras and state-of-the-art locking and access systems.


Get extra space at home with our various storage solutions in Stockholm

It is both nice and popular to live in lively cities such as Stockholm. Everything is within easy reach and there is a buzz of life both on the streets and in the alleys. The city center offers movement, cultural experiences and lots of activities. But the many benefits and the beautiful areas also drive up housing prices, and it can be difficult to find a place to live that feels both affordable and livable. Therefore, we often reduce the number of square meters to be able to live centrally.

But what about all our things? Especially when moving from the suburbs, you often have to leave a storage room, garage or that extra attic space - and what do we do with the winter tires to the truck, cushions, piano, motorbike, children's winter clothes and the old boat? The small spaces in the attic or basement are often not large enough for long-term storage - especially if you need to be able to get in there! Whether it's books, garden furniture, an old changing table or something else, it can be nice to get it out of the way.

While some people long to have a few extra hours a day, you may be walking around wanting a little extra storage space - a kind of extension of the apartment or house. That's when we get into the picture! At Pelican Self Storage, we help you get rid of the stuffy cupboards and the cramped storage and basement rooms, so that you are less stressed about not being able to find peace at home - We give you extra freedom and space! Our rentals have all conceivable dimensions and sizes that you have been missing for so long.


We help your company get started with warehouse storage

In addition to storage for private individuals, we of course also have beneficial solutions for organizations and companies. Some need a warehouse hotel as storage for tools or seasonal items, while others use one of our air-conditioned conference rooms with good light, perfect for conferences and meetings, equipped with everything from whiteboards to a fully equipped kitchen.

You can also rent a heated garage, which gives you flexible access to a remote warehouse or storage room with the option to drive the van directly up to the gate for loading and unloading. So whether you need a product warehouse for your web shop, temporary storage space in connection with relocation of companies or a space to hold a conference, we have the place ready for you. Read more about our tailor-made business deals, or come in and talk to us at one of our many facilities in Greater Stockholm.


Storing at Pelican is safe and flexible

When you turn the key and leave your things with us, you can be sure that they will remain exactly where you left them. We have a secure access system, video surveillance and staff on site, and we believe that it is our most important task to take care of your belongings. The point of renting storage is precisely that you no longer have to lie sleepless and worried about an old, rusty lock in the basement or wonder if the wooden door holds if someone should try to break in. With us, you get secure metal doors with locks, three keys and a contactless access card, which you keep track of yourself.

It often differs a bit on what people want to store, we accept everything except flammable liquids, opened paint cans and perishable foods. Maybe a baby toy or two need to be temporarily hidden away? Or do you have the use of an extra wardrobe for winter storage? We are happy to take care of your furniture for a shorter period if, for example, you are between two homes, and we are also available if your entire home needs to be stored while you are on a longer stay abroad - the opportunities are big at Pelican Self Storage!

With many and good storage options, we guide you to the right size

If you are unsure of what unit size to pick, check out our size guide to get an estimate, or come take a look at your closest facility today and have a casual conversation with one of our skilled, friendly staff members. We are personally present six days a week (7 in Bromma), so come to us and let us help you find the perfect space for you. We have many sizes and dimensions available - and our stores are all easy to use!

When you choose to store your things at Pelican Self Storage, you are guaranteed:
- Personal service 6-7 days a week (in Bromma we are open daily)
- The opportunity to borrow a trailer at no cost
- High security in the form of video surveillance and secure access systems
- Free access to your storage every day from 05:30 until 24:00
- Help with receipt of goods if you as a company use one or more of our stores as storage space.

Read about insurance and how we process your personal data.