Moving abroad?

Are you moving abroad for a shorter or longer period of time? Pelican offers storage solutions whether you are cleaning out your entire residence, making room for a temporary tenant or just need to store your belongings for a few months.

We promise to take good care of your belongings while you are away.

Going to work abroad?

There are many practical aspects of settling down abroad. We offer a range of storage solutions to make the shift a bit more convenient.

We have units from 0.5m2 to 50m2 so it’s up to you how much you want us to store until you return. We’ll make it as comfortable as possible for you and your family to be away from your belongings.

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Moving abroad on a one-way ticket?

There may be many reasons preventing you from moving all your belongings abroad at once. Perhaps, you have sold your apartment or house before moving and need temporary storage? Or, maybe, you are not sure what to bring along from the get go?

We offer moving services and materials, and we will help find a perfect storage solution before, during and after you’ve settled down abroad.

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Are you studying abroad?

It is an exciting opportunity to begin or continue your studies abroad. But where do you store your things while you are away and your parents have no extra space for them?

If you are renting out your apartment or room, you can store your winter and summer gear and your bicycle and furniture with us during your studies abroad. We have units all the way down to 0.5m2 that are centrally located.

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We take care of your belongings whatever the need

There are many reasons why people move abroad. Some may be deployed as soldiers and others stationed as diplomats and ambassadors.

Moving abroad can be associated with both excitement and difficult decisions.
We want to make sure that storing your belongings does not become an unnecessary concern. We tailor storage solutions to meet your needs - so there is one less thing to worry about.

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