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Pelican Self Storage is currently looking for property and lots in the Copenhagen area and beyond (within a distance of 2 hours’ driving from Copenhagen).

The properties should be located close to major thoroughfares and be easily accessible as well as visible.

We are looking for building lots, sloping land and existing buildings. We are primarily looking for planed lots but are also interested in undeveloped land. The property area should be at least 3,000m2 and the building lot area should be 4,000 to 20,000m2.

We are also looking for property in central Copenhagen including condominiums and rental flats with a minimum area of 1,000m².

Pelican Self Storage prefers to purchase and own the completed storage facility but a joint venture could also be of interest. Our business activities are non-disturbing to the surroundings and the amount of traffic is approximately 1-2 cars per hour during opening hours. The facilities function as noise protection.

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Email us on klli [at] pelican [dot] dk or give us a call on +45 61 22 59 61 if you want to tip us about available real estate.