Wine storage at Pelican in Stockholm

Wine storage at Pelican in Stockholm

Having a great interest in wine often results in both your home and your wine storage eventually becoming overcrowded. In addition, the wine bottles need to be cared for according to specific requirements. The wine needs to be stored in a cool, dark and still environment and therefore thrives best in a wine cellar where it can mature and develop at a reasonable pace. Whether you are new to wine storage or have a large collection, we are here to help you. Our spacious and well-equipped conference rooms are also perfect for companies or individuals who want to invite a wine tasting.

Pelican Self Storage Kungsholmen and Sundbyberg offers wine cellars in the middle of Stockholm, easily accessible, smart and safe.

Our temperature controlled wine cellar

With us, you can store your wines in our fresh wine cellar that maintains an average temperature of approx. 12-14 degrees. Our wine cellar maintains an even temperature during all hours of the day. The wine units are dark and people are prohibited are dark and protected from view. You have the opportunity to decorate your storage according to your own needs in order to best provide you with tailor-made storage space. The number of bottles that storage holds depends on what type of drawers or trays you choose to decorate with.

Wine units Kungsholmen Wine units Sundbyberg

Not just wine storage

We know that it is very nice to be able to easily taste wines that have been stored to see how they develop. With us, you can also rent our spacious and bright conference room at the facility so that you and your friends can try your own wines. If you do not have your own wine-tasting glasses, it is possible to borrow from us - smart, simple and flexible.

Wine units Kungsholmen Wine units Sundbyberg

Easily accessible and with high security

Of course, we offer high security in and around our wine cellar. We have an advanced access system that allows you to come and go when it suits you between 05: 30 - 22: 00 every day of the week. The wine cellar and all entrances are also all camera monitored. All because we realize how important it is for you to feel as safe as possible when you store your wine with us at Pelican Self Storage Kungsholmen. Our agreements are also flexible, have no long notice periods, and you can go up or down in size when it suits you. With us, you control if you want temporary, medium or long-term storage of your wines.

Wine units Kungsholmen Wine units Sundbyberg

Get started with your wine storage quick and easy!

Not sure how much space you need? Or if a large or small storage would suit you best? Our qualified staff will help you find the wine store that meets your needs. It should not have to be complicated to store wines and therefore we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Book your tour and transfer the wines to your wine storage the same day. Do you need relocation assistance?

You are very welcome!

Wine units Kungsholmen Wine units Sundbyberg

When wine is your passion

Having your very own wine cellar would definitely be something. But for practical reasons, it is not always such an everyday luxury that is at the top of the list when looking for a new home, buying new furniture or instead choosing to renovate your kitchen. We at Pelican, on the other hand, do not see this as a good enough reason for you to have to give up your wine passion, and therefore you should not do it either. Instead, let Pelican Self Storage Kungsholmen be a cheap and flexible extension of your home, where you get access to your very own wine cellar, in the middle of central Stockholm. The central location means that you always have easy and simple access to your wine cellar even if you do not have a car. This way, you can easily replenish your wine stock when you return home from your wine trip in France or pick out a fine wine when you spontaneously feel like indulging in something extra.

Why Pelican?

When you choose to store your wines with us, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

• Fresh wine cellar with an average temperature between 12-14 degrees
• The ability to get the wine cellar to fit your wine needs
• High security with camera surveillance in and around the wine cellar
• Access to your wine unit from 05:30 - 22: 00 every day
• Personal service in addition to what you can expect
• Large and nice conference room that you can rent at a cheap price

Flexible solutions according to your needs
As with all our other storage solutions, we are of course flexible according to your specific needs. Forget wine storage in the hall or in the attic with poor humidity, insulation and ventilation. We offer wine storage from 0.5 - 20 m2, all of which are fresh, dark and climate-adapted to ensure that your wines stay in top condition. In addition, your wines are in safe and secure storage at all hours of the day thanks to our monitoring system. As always, you can change stock size free of charge if your needs change, and we also never have long notice periods. If you are unsure of how much storage space you need, you can look at our guide here on the website or contact us for personal advice.