Pelican makes life easier for its customers!

Christer Rygaard from Sunny Future was originally solely interested in renting dry, warm storage space for his stock of solar panel systems. Once his stock had been stored at Pelican Storage at Täby for a while, he realised that the company could offer him extra benefits: flexibility and a very high standard of service.

A company called Sunny Future has indeed a bright future! Sunny Futures has sold solar panel systems B2B and B2C since 2015.

“We’re growing all the time. This year, we have three times as many orders on our books than last year,” explains Christer Rygaard, who owns the company with his wife, Carina. “I ran an IT company for many years until an opportunity came along for me to change direction completely,” Christer says. “This also gave my wife an opportunity to change direction, so we decided to make solar panels a family business.” They run Sunny Future from home, affording them the luxury of welcoming their daughter home from school each day. As solar panels are bulky, it was obvious that the Rygaards had to rent storage space.

First and foremost, we were looking for warm and dry storage space, a good environment for all our stuff. Before long, we discovered that Pelican Self Storage could offer benefits in addition to storage.

For example, warehousing and loading costs are key to Sunny Future’s business: “We do what we can to work efficiently. As we sell our installations at a predetermined price, we seek to load and pack as smoothly and effectively as possible. It is crucial that it is easy to load and unload Sunny Future’s panels and rails. “The rails are up to 4 metres long. This makes it quite difficult to stack them in a corner,” chuckles Christer. “A pallet full of solar panels is heavy. Each weighs about 500 kg.''

Pelican’s staff take care of incoming goods on our behalf. Five-star service! They take care of all our deliveries for us. Pelican receives every delivery – from small stuff to huge eight-pallet deliveries. And they deposit it all in our storage units.

Christer believes that the comprehensive security measures at Pelican Self Storage – the fencing, listening devices and CCTV – are reassuring. Flexibility is also important for any company that is growing. “At the moment, we have one storage unit and two garages – 18, 27 and 21 m2. As we grow, we can hire more space as needed. Flexibility is invaluable.''

Christer also believes that Pelican is extremely service-minded and has resolved many problems. “From time to time, we have a spate of deliveries and do not actually have sufficient space for everything in our rented storage units. Pelican’s staff has resolved the issue by temporarily loading goods into an additional storage unit. Pelican really does make life easier for its customers!”