Lösningar för ditt företag

Standard förråd

Förråd från 1 m² och uppåt. Säkra, uppvärmda och lättillgångliga.

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Med ett garage blir det enklare in- och ut lastning, du kan bokstavligen köra direkt in.

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Utrustat med Wi-Fi, projektor med ljudsystem, Whiteboard och kaffemaskin.

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Förvara dina viner i vår fräscha vinkällare. Personliga vinförråd och stabil temperatur på 12-14 grader året runt.

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Benefits for your business

Package acceptance

Our service-minded staff can accept package deliveries for your storage unit.


Our storage units have easy access, so that you can load and unload directly in your storage unit.

Access when it suits you

You have access to Pelican all days between 5:30 and 24:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is self-storage safe?

Yes. All Pelican locations have video-surveillance and modern security system, included in price. There is staff at all our centers on weekdays from 10 to 18, and weekends from 10 to 14. Our centers are well secured and require a personal access code to enter the area. Moreover, all our storages have extra secure locks.

Is there enough space?

Yes. We can find a tailored solution for every business need. We have storage units available in all sizes from 1 to 160m2. Our standard height for storages is 2.7 meters, however if you need some extra ceiling space, we can also offer storage units with 6 m up to the ceiling. Please ontact us on 80 20 70 40 to hear more about which centers offer high storages.

Is there a risk for humidity and frost?

No. When you store your things at Pelican you do not have to worry about humidity or frost in your storage. All our storages have heating and modern ventilation systems to ensure that your storage always has a normal humidity level.

Can we change storage room size?

Yes, and it's free. If you suddenly need less or extra storage space we can quickly and easily help you. We can either offer you a new storage room or offer you an extra room. It's all up to you.

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